Product Valve Mounted Air Cylinder CVx

SMC Product Valve Mounted Cylinders

Type Series/CAD Action Bore size
Cylinder Valve
Standard CVJ5 Double acting 10,16 CJ2 SYJ3190
CVJ3 Single acting
CJ2 SYJ319
CVM5 Double acting 20,25,32,40 CM2 VZ3x90
CVM3 Single acting
CM2 VZ319
CV3 Double acting 40,50,63,80,
CA1 VZ3x08
CVS1 Double acting CS1 VS4x24
rotating rod
CVM5K Double acting 20,25,32,40 CM2K VZ3x90
CVM3K Single acting
CM2K VZ319
CV3K Double acting 40,50,63 CA1K VZ3x08
CVS1K Double acting CS1K VS4x24
  • Valve is mounted on a round cylinder.
  • Built-in speed controller for some models.
  • Cylinder with a valve makes it easy to adjust speed.


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