Product 5 Port Solenoid Valve VQ1000/2000

SMC Product Solenoid Valve

Model/CAD Flow characteristics Applicable
2/4→3/5 (A/B→R1/R2)
C[dm3/(s·bar)] b Cv
VQ1000 1.0 0.30 0.25 φ40 1.0
0.5 (Low
wattage type)
VQ2000 3.2 0.30 0.80 φ63
  • Space-saving design with one side solenoid and fittings all positioned one side, allowing free three-directional mounting
  • No screws, one clamp structure for reduced recombination labor
  • A variety of option parts (Back pressure check valve, Dual flow fitting, etc)
  • A variety of common wiring methods
  • 4 position, dual 3 port valve


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